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 It  is the Unlike use  of  computer  technology simulated  environment. traditional  user  interfaces, to create a VR  places  the user  inside  an  experience
 Instead of viewing a screen in front of them, users are immersedand able to interactwith3D worlds.VIRTUAL REALITY  HEADSET A  headworn  apparatus that completely  covers the  eyes  for  an  immersive  3D  experience. Also  called  “VR  goggles ” Whether within the smartphone goggles  or , VR headsets , accelerometer proximity  sensor gyroscope relying on  the use  some  combination of , magnetometer and to  detect  the  user's  motion. 

Reliance JIO GLASS:- 

  ° Jio GLASSES-
Jio Glass  is  a Mixed  Reality  headset.  Some of the VR GLASSES present in the market are heavy in weight while the Jio VR glasses are very low in weight. ( that  is gms 75 It pairs  with  your smartphone lighter  than ) using a  cable  and  allows you  to make holographic  video calls classes , etc , conduct meetings , in a  virtual,  3D  environment.

Calls  can  be  made using  Jio  Glass by  simply saying  “Hello  Jio, please  call...” U sers can  join the  call using  not only holographic video  calls as well  as 2D video.

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